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Among Legends is a pop punk band from Waterloo, Ontario. Founded in 2015 through a common love for high-energy, catchy, positive music, the band writes songs about overcoming life’s challenges and pressing on despite adversity. Their focus is on tearing down stereotypes within the pop punk music scene and building a more inclusive and positive community.


Among Legends Social:

About Mitchell (lead singer):

We had some time to chat with Mitchell, the bands lead singer on how tobacco has effected their music and his life personally.

Mitchell is the lead singer and one of the songwriters for Among Legends. Although the band isn’t a Straight Edge band, he has always been Straight Edge, and he is proud to support Uprise’s mission. Mitchell chose a tobacco-free lifestyle for two main reasons. Firstly, fighting the addictive effects of tobacco products has been a struggle that he has witnessed friends and family face ever since he first learned about tobacco and cigarettes. Watching their struggles, he realized that he couldn’t justify using a product that caused so much stress for the people he cares about most.

Secondly, and more importantly, the tobacco industry’s effect on the environment is undeniable. From the chemicals used to produce cigarettes, to the butts that sit on our sidewalks and in our lakes, our environment’s health becomes more jeopardized each day by tobacco production. For those reasons, Mitchell continues to be a proud vocal advocate of Uprise and supports their mission to create a tobacco-free music scene!