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Arcane Ghosts choose to support a tobacco free lifestyle because smoking is the number 1 cause of preventable death in Canada. “It’s disgusting, unhealthy, and just stupid. It sucks to be surrounded by it and have it’s effects harm our loved ones. It’s a good young audience to promote the dangers of smoking to. Uprise are also not a company that get up in your face and aggressively try to force their opinions down your throat. The tobacco industry itself is just down right evil and harms humans, animals, and the environment.”

Arcane Ghosts Social:
Instagram: @arcaneghosts

Arcane Ghosts is a Post-Hardcore band from Brampton, Ontario. The band formed in 2016. It’s members include Jason (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist), David (lead guitarist and backup vocalist), Kyle (bassist and backup vocalist), and Eric (the drummer). Jason and David have been playing music together in different bands for years and finally decided to sit down and start a more serious band, thus Arcane Ghosts was formed. They found Eric through the local music scene and enlisted him to join the band on drums. Arcane Ghosts also had a bassist named Steven who played in the band until April 2017 which is when Kyle joined the band.

Their sound is a blend of various genres spanning from pop punk to post hardcore to alternative rock. This mixture of genres helps the guys stand out in a music scene that sounds all too similar. Their sound also allows them more flexibility to play mixed bill shows across a multitude of genres. Everyone’s writing stems from a multitude of different influences. Jason is a huge fan of Dance Gavin Dance and anything poppy sounding. David and Kyle both like anything heavy. Eric loves math rock and complex patterns in songs. They all just want to make fun, catchy, experimental songs that they can release all their energy to on stage. All of the lyrics they write are about real situations we have faced in our lives. The band has an ep called “Traveller” that was released in February 2017  which is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and anywhere else you stream or buy music. They are currently writing and recording a new music to be released in 2018.

 The guys are in support of Uprise and love that it’s working to bring awareness on the tobacco industry in the local music scene, and they also love the local support they get at shows.