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Oakrest is a 4 piece pop punk band. Their band’s name originates from a street name located in a small town called Keswick, about an hour north of Toronto. This is where the bands singer, Jacob Szabo, used to live.  The band has gone through many members, but they settled on 4  dudes who are committed for the long run.

About the Members:

Oakrest consists of Jacob Szabo (Rhythm Guitar/Main Vocals), Travis Bosscher (Drums), Adam Allen (Bass/Backup Vocals) and Jacob Graves (Lead Guitar). They guys all met during their time in high school. Jacob Szabo sparked the flame of starting a band, which began with a few members that were mostly playing covers at the time. As the time went on, those members left, Jacob Graves joined, and soon enough Oakrest needed a bassist which is when they found Adam. Oakrest’s original drummer Shane had to leave the band due to a distant move which lead them on a search for a new drummer.

During this drummer less time, the band was sitting down in the studio to record their first EP “This Story Needs An End”. The guys pressed on, and with no drummer, they had to hire one to record the drum tracks needed to complete the EP. Soon after they finished recording, they found a drummer through mutual friends, who they now call their best friend, Travis. Our EP, “This Story Needs An End” is a 4 track, mainly about heart break, girls, and making mistakes.

Some of the bands who inspired the sound of Oakrest are Blink-182, New Found Glory, Neck Deep, Sum 41, Seaway etc.

The EP includes tracks such as:

  1. This Story Needs An End
  2. False Intentions
  3. I Don’t Know
  4. My Mistake

Oakrest supports the tobacco-free lifestyle in objection to the industry’s methods of animal testing. In Oakrest, we love animals and believe they shouldn’t be tested on.

Oakrest Social: